Collada DAE Conversion Support Now Available

Date: February 14, 2022

Today we have added support for the 3D file format DAE (Collada). You can now quickly convert your 3D models to and from the DAE format using our DAE Converter Tool. Our tool supports the following DAE file elements:

  • 3D mesh geometry, including vertices, faces, and face normals.
  • Color based effects and materials.
  • Node based scene hierarchy
  • Object transforms via a Matrix

Converting a 3D model to the DAE format is simple using our free DAE conversion tool. Please ensure the format you are converting to supports color-based materials. Formats such as STL do not support color, so our tool will convert the mesh geometry only when converting to STL.

A DAE File Containing a Cog
A DAE File Containing a Cog

When converting your 3D model file to DAE, our tool will attempt to convert the data structure and geometry as accurately as possible. If your model contains material color data, this will be converted where possible.

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