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Use our tool to convert most popular 3D format files into other 3D files. Simply click the "Upload" button and then select the 3D model or mesh file you want to convert. When selected you can choose the 3D format you would like to convert to and the click "Upload" to begin converting your file. Please allow longer for larger files.

Please see the 3D conversion format section further down this page for further 3D file/mesh conversion information, our help page for more general help when using our 3D model conversion tools or you can contact us for further help or information.

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A maximum of 20 files can be uploaded at once.

Please note: Your 3D Model File, once uploaded to our server will be deleted 15 minutes after upload so please download your converted 3D Model File before this time.
Our 3D Model File tool supports the following file types:

How to Convert your 3D Model File Online?

Here are 3 simple steps to convert your 3D Model File using our fast and free 3D Model File converter tool.

Upload your 3D Model File

Click the "Select File(s)" button, then select an 3D Model File to upload. The maximum file size is 100MB.

Select file type

Select the file type to convert your 3D Model File to using the dropdown list of available types.

Download your file

Click the download link to receive your converted file.

Converting 3D Mesh/Models to Other Formats

Our tool supports reading from most common 3D formats such as STL, 3DM, BLEND and more. Your 3D model files can be converted to most other supported formats.

Once you have selected a 3D model to convert our tool will display a list of supported formats the model can be converted to.

Supported Features

Our tool will try to ensure all model geometry (vertices and faces) are converted accurately. If the model contains vertex normals we will endeavour to bring these over.

Unsupported Features

Currently we do not support converting model textures. If your model contains texture information this will be ignored when the model is uploaded.

Converting 3D Models to Images

If you would like to convert a 3D model to an image, essentially taking a snapshot of the model then after selecting you model file you can then select an Image format to save the snapshot to. Currently supported image file formats are JPG and PNG.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to convert 3D Model on FabConvert.com?

Yes! All 3D Model conversion tools are 100% free to use.

Do you support Point Cloud formats?

Yes. We support formats such as XYZ, PCD and PLY files containing only vertex information.

What is the compatibility like for generated 3D model files?

All 3D model file generated by our tools will work with compatible 3D modelling applications. Any specific compatibility notes or version requirements will be listed on the individual 3D tool.

Can I convert CAD files to a 3D model?

Yes. We have a separate set of tools for converting from SCAD, DXF and STEP to 3D models.