GCODE to Point Cloud Conversions Added

Date: June 14, 2024

Today we have added the 3D file format GCODE as a new type of file that can be uploaded and converted to other 3D point cloud formats. For those not aware, a GCODE file is commonly used with 3D printers and is used to store the low-level instructions that tell the 3D printer (FDM) where to move the extruder and when to extrude the plastic filament.

You can now convert your GCODE file to the following point cloud formats:

We plan to add additional formats in the future, but for now, converting your GCODE files to one of these formats will give you many options to refine the model further in your favorite 3D modeling application.

A sphere GCODE file preview
A gear GCODE file preview
A pyramid GCODE file preview

Converting Files From GCODE

When converting one of the above files to GCODE, our converters will parse the GCODE file, looking for instructions to change the position of the print head, and rebuild this as a list of separate vertices in 3D space. Once converted into a vertex list, it is then exported in the desired format.

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