New File Conversion Options Added

Date: January 21, 2024

Today we have released an update to most of our file converters to allow certain conversion options to be set prior to the conversion being performed. This will allow you to alter the default behaviour of our conversion process to better control how the converted file is created.

This update applies to most of our converter tools. When you have selected a file to upload and have also selected the format you wish to convert your file to, if there are any relevant conversion options to set, you will see a icon which can be clicked to display the available options.

The following conversion tools now contain options to control how the final converted file is generated:

For some audio and video formats we now allow you to specify the output audio bitrate and also video resolution. For image conversions you can batch resize the image, apply effects such as greyscale and negative colors. Images can also be batch rotated and flipped/mirrored. 3D models can be voxelized and much more.

For a full list of conversion tools along with the available options please see our file conversion options page. If there are any options you would like us to add to our conversion tools please let us know via our contact page.