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Our GCODE to ZIP file converter will take your uploaded GCODE file and compress it into a ZIP file, making it ideal to store or transmit your files while using less storage space and bandwidth. Our batch GCODE to ZIP converter can compress multiple files in a single upload. The maximum number of files that can be compressed in one go is 20.

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A maximum of 20 files can be uploaded at once.

Please note: Your GCODE file, once uploaded to our server, will be deleted 15 minutes after upload, so please download your converted GCODE file before this time.

Use the button above to select the GCODE files you wish to upload; once selected, you can click the Upload button to start the conversion. Once all your files have been converted, you will be able to download your ZIP files either individually or all together in a compressed ZIP file.

How to Convert your GCODE to ZIP Online?

Here are two simple steps to convert your GCODE to ZIP using our fast and free GCODE converter tool.

Upload your GCODE file

Click the "Upload a GCODE File" button, then select a GCODE to upload. The maximum file size is 100MB.

Download your ZIP

Click the download link to receive your ZIP file.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert my GCODE file to ZIP?

First, click the "Upload..." button and select your GCODE file to upload. Your GCODE file will be uploaded to our servers. When the GCODE to ZIP conversion has completed, you can download your ZIP file right away.

How long does it take to convert my GCODE to ZIP?

We aim to process all GCODE to ZIP conversions as quickly as possible; this usually takes around 5 seconds; however, this can be longer for certain files, so please be patient.

How accurate is the conversion from the ZIP 3D point cloud format?

Our GCODE tool will read all the vertex information from your ZIP file and use only this information when creating the final ZIP file.

File format information for GCODE and ZIP

Full NameG-code
Type3D Model/Point Cloud
Mime Typetext/plain

The GCODE file is a 3D file format used by 3D printing software as a way to store the instructions needed by a 3D printer to construct a 3D object. The format has been around for many years and is also used by CNC machines for building 3D objects.

A GCODE file is typically created by 3D printing slicer software. The slicer software will take a standard 3D model format, such as STL, and slice it up into layers, movements, and other instructions that the 3D printer can then use to build a 3D object.

GCODE Converter Capabilities

Our GCODE 3D Model/Mesh tool does not support any color material data contained within GCODE files, so the converted file will not contain any color information.

Full NameZIP Archive
Mime Typeapplication/zip

A ZIP file is a compressed file container format that has been around for many years and has become a universal standard for compressing multiple files into a single package. Along with compressing individual files, ZIP files can also compress entire directory structures.

The compression algorithm of the ZIP format enables highly efficient compression of most file types, whether they be text, music, or images. ZIP files are a great way to group together and compress multiple files for easy storage and distribution.

As ZIP files have become a standard format for file compression, most operating systems and platforms are capable of creating and opening ZIP files without any additional software.

Information for converting from GCODE to ZIP

Our GCODE file converter will compress your uploaded file to a ZIP archive, ready for download. This tool is great for compressing those large GCODE files and saving yourself some hard drive space. ZIP archives can be opened later on in most operating systems, usually with no additional software.

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