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Use our free-to-use and fast JPG to TXT file converter to expertly convert your JPG files perfectly into the TXT file format, ready for further editing or use in your favorite TXT file editing application. Our tool can also batch convert your JPG files, enabling you to convert up to 20 files in one go.

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How to Convert your JPG to Data Uri (TXT) Online?

Here are two simple steps to convert your JPG to Data Uri (TXT) using our fast and free JPG converter tool.

Upload your JPG file

Click the "Upload a JPG File" button, then select a JPG to upload. The maximum file size is 100MB.

Download your Data Uri (TXT)

Click the download link to receive your Data Uri (TXT) file.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert my JPG file to Data Uri (TXT)?

First, click the "Upload..." button and select your JPG file to upload. Your JPG file will be uploaded to our servers. When the JPG to Data Uri (TXT) conversion has completed, you can download your Data Uri (TXT) file right away.

How long does it take to convert my JPG to Data Uri (TXT)?

We aim to process all JPG to Data Uri (TXT) conversions as quickly as possible; this usually takes around 5 seconds; however, this can be longer for certain files, so please be patient.

How accurate is the JPG to Data Uri (TXT) conversion?

We aim to provide the best conversion experience. Our tools are under constant review and development, with new features being added every week.

File format information for JPG and Data Uri (TXT)

Full NameJoint Photographic Experts Group
Mime Typeimage/jpeg
Opens WithPaint.Net, Photoshop

A JPG file is a compressed and highly efficient image file format whose aim is to store photographic-quality images using a fraction of the storage space compared to other lossy and non-lossy image compression methods available at the time.

The compression used by JPG encoders is "lossy", meaning image colors that are not perceptible to the human eye are discarded during the compression process. The removal of this color data greatly reduces the size of the final JPG file with no discernible loss in quality.

Due to their compact and high-quality format, JPG files are one of the primary image formats used by websites, digital and phone/tablet cameras, and more. This widespread support means JPG files can be edited within most popular image editing software.

Full NameData URI Scheme
Mime Typetext/plain

A data uri is a form of specially encoded ASCII text content that is usually treated as plain text and may thus use the TXT file extension. A data URI is used as a means of storing binary data in a text format with the use of Base64 encoding.

A blob of binary data is Base64 encoded, a process of converting individual bytes of data into an ASCII representation using several characters per byte. This process, once completed, will result in a text file roughly 25% larger than the original binary data file.

The main reason for encoding binary data in such a way is to enable binary files, such as images, to be embedded into HTML and CSS files used by websites. This embedding of the images as text reduces the number of HTTP requests a website needs to make, thus decreasing the load time of websites.

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