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Please note: Your U3D file, once uploaded to our server will be deleted 1 hour after upload so please download your converted U3D file before this time.

How to Convert your U3D to BLEND Online?

Here are 2 simple steps to convert your U3D to BLEND using our fast and free U3D converter tool.

Upload your U3D file

Upload your U3D file

Click the "Upload a U3D File" button, then select a U3D to upload. The maximum file size is 100MB.

Download your BLEND

Download your BLEND

Click the download link to receive your BLEND file.

File format information for U3D and BLEND

Full NameUniversal 3D
Type3D Model
Mime Typemodel/u3d

The U3D file is a 3D file format (Universal 3D) developed by a consortium of well known companies in 2005 with the idea of creating a standardized file format for storing 3D data including mesh vertices, textures, bones and effects.

U3D files are binary in nature containing a block based structure which following later revisions could be extended with custom blocks.

U3D Converter Capabilities

Our U3D 3D Model/Mesh tool does not support any color material data contained within U3D files so the converted file will not contain any color information.

Full NameBlender
Type3D Model
Mime Typeapplication/octet-stream

The BLEND file type is the native 3D graphics file format of the 3D modelling application Blender. Originally released in 1994 Blender has grown over the years and is one of the most popular 3D applications available.

BLEND files store 3D content such as 3D geometry, vertices, faces, normals, animations, materials and much more. Blender is free and open-source and contains many features you would expect in a high-end 3D editing application and is available for most current operating systems.

BLEND Converter Capabilities

Our 3D conversion tool does not support color/material information in BLEND files so your file will not contain any color information.

Information for converting from U3D to BLEND

Your U3D file will be converted to a BLEND file using our unified 3D model and mesh conversion tool. Our U3D 3D tool performs accurate conversions of 3D elements such as vertices, faces, normals and relevant material information. Our tool will not attempt to transfer any color information if present in your U3D file, your final 3D model will contain geometry data only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert my U3D file to BLEND?

First click the "Upload..." button, select your U3D file to upload. Your U3D file will be uploaded to our servers. When the U3D to BLEND conversion has completed, you can download your BLEND file straight away.

How long does it take to convert my U3D to BLEND?

We aim to process all U3D to BLEND conversions as quickly as possible, this usually takes around 5 seconds however this can be longer for certain files, so please be patient.

How accurate is the U3D to BLEND conversion?

We aim to provide the best conversion experience. Our tools are under constant review and development with new features being added every week.