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XYZ file format information

Full NamePoint Cloud
Type3D Model/Point Cloud
Mime Typetext/plain
Opens WithMeshLab

An XYZ file is a simple and widely-used plain text file format for representing three-dimensional molecular structures. It typically contains atomic coordinates of individual atoms in space, specifying their positions in the X, Y, and Z Cartesian coordinates. Each line in the XYZ file represents an atom and contains its atomic symbol, followed by its X, Y, and Z coordinates, separated by spaces or tabs. This format is particularly popular in chemistry and materials science as it allows for easy exchange of molecular data between different software tools and platforms.

The XYZ file format is straightforward, making it easy to read and write by both humans and computers. Since it doesn't require complex formatting or proprietary specifications, it has become a standard representation for molecular structures in various computational chemistry programs and visualization tools. Additionally, XYZ files can store additional information, such as atomic charges or connectivity, in optional comment lines. These comment lines, denoted by a leading hash (#), provide flexibility in including extra details about the molecular system being represented.

With its simplicity and versatility, the XYZ file format is an essential resource in various fields, including molecular modeling, drug discovery, and materials research. Researchers can utilize it to describe and exchange structural data, simulate molecular behavior, and visualize complex systems. Due to its wide adoption and compatibility, the XYZ file format continues to be a fundamental tool in the analysis and communication of three-dimensional molecular structures.

XYZ Converter Capabilities

Our XYZ converter can both convert from and to XYZ files and our developers are working to improve our XYZ conversion tools in future versions. When converting 3D Model/Mesh files using our XYZ converter we will attempt to convert color materials into a suitable format for use in the converted file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

XYZ is a 3D Point Cloud format, how are these handled?

Our XYZ conversion tool can convert most Point Cloud vertex data to the other Point Cloud file formats without any loss of detail.

Is it free to use the XYZ conversion tools?

Yes! Our XYZ conversion tools are 100% free to use.

Are there any XYZ conversion usage limits?

No, you can convert as many files as you wish. We do not impose any conversion limits on our XYZ conversion tools.

How long does it take to convert my XYZ?

We aim to process all XYZ conversions as quickly as possible, this usually takes around 5 seconds however this can be longer for certain files and significantly longer for some larger file formats, so please be patient.

What does the XYZ conversion process involve?

Once your XYZ file has been uploaded and we know the file format you wish to convert it to our bespoke conversion software will convert your XYZ and make it available for you to download with a unique download Url.

Is it safe to convert my XYZ on

Yes, of course it is! Your XYZ, once converted is deleted 1 hour after upload and the download link will expire after this time.

Can I convert my XYZ on Linux, Android, iOS or Mac OS?

Yes! Our XYZ conversion tools will run on any system with a modern web browser.

Is there any support for me when using the XYZ tool?

If you are having difficulty converting your XYZ you can contact us and we will try to help where possible.