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Do you have a CDR vector graphics file that will not open correctly? If so, our free-to-use CDR vector repair tool may be able to help. Our tool analyses the content of your vector file and is able to determine if the file content, such as lines, curves, paths, and other vectorized data, is valid. Our tool will let you know if there are any issues with your CDR vector file and attempt to repair it.

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Please note: Your CDR, once uploaded to our server, will be deleted 15 minutes after upload.
If our tool offers the option to repair your file, please ensure you download the repaired file within this time period.

How to Repair your CDR Online?

Here are 3 simple steps to repair your CDR using our fast and free repair tool.

Upload your CDR

Click the "Select File" button, then select a CDR file. The maximum file size is 100MB.

Analysis and Repair

Your CDR file will be analysed, and our tool will attempt to repair your CDR file if possible.

Repair or Convert your CDR

Select an option to either repair or convert to receive your repaired CDR file.

CDR file format information

Full NameCorel Draw
Mime Typeapplication/octet-stream

A CDR file, short for CorelDRAW file, is a proprietary vector graphics file format developed by Corel Corporation. It is primarily associated with CorelDRAW, a popular graphic design software used for creating vector illustrations, logos, brochures, and other types of digital artwork. CDR files store graphical data in a vector format, which means they represent images using mathematical equations instead of pixels. This characteristic allows CDR files to be scaled up or down without losing image quality, making them ideal for designs that need to be resized frequently or used in various print or digital media.

CorelDRAW's versatility and powerful features make the CDR format widely used among designers, illustrators, and artists. The files can contain multiple layers, shapes, text, and other elements, all organized in a way that facilitates easy editing and manipulation. CorelDRAW also supports various color spaces, allowing users to work with spot colors, CMYK, RGB, and others, depending on the intended output. While CorelDRAW is the primary application for creating and editing CDR files, other design software and graphic editors can also open and import CDR files, albeit with potential limitations on the extent of editability.

Due to its proprietary nature, CDR files may present some challenges when it comes to compatibility with non-Corel software and cross-platform sharing. To address this, CorelDRAW allows users to export CDR files to more widely supported formats like PDF, SVG, or AI (Adobe Illustrator). Additionally, there are third-party tools and converters available to help users convert CDR files to other formats when necessary. Overall, CDR files serve as a versatile and valuable resource for visual artists, enabling them to create intricate and professional-quality designs suitable for a wide range of applications.

Repairing a CDR File

CDR Vector Graphics File Header Data

Vector files such as CDR store their data in binary format, with a part of this allocated to describe the file content, which we refer to as the header, as this file description is usually found at the beginning of the file content.

Lines, Curves and Paths

The bread and butter of any 2D vector graphics file are the basic element types such as lines, curves, paths, fills, and more. During the file repair process, these elements are not converted and will remain as they are, with any data that cannot be repaired truncated from the source element. If the vector file, such as CDR, contains any bitmap image elements, these will be processed in the same manner as our image repair tool.

Layers and Transforms

If the vector file format supports layers, these will be respected when processing the repair. Where layer information cannot be determined, elements will be merged into a single layer for later manual re-assignment. Likewise for transforms, these will be left as-is where possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the quality of the CDR file be affected?

No. Our CDR repair tool will not adjust the quality of the repaired file.

Is it free to use the CDR file repair tool?

Yes! Our CDR repair tool is 100% free to use.

Are there any usage limits when repairing my CDR file?

No, you can repair as many files as you wish. We do not have any limits when using our CDR repair tool.

How long does it take to repair my CDR?

We aim to process CDR repairs as quickly as possible; this usually takes around 5 seconds; however, this may be longer depending on the file size and data needed to be repaired.

What does the CDR repair process involve?

Once your CDR has been selected, it will undergo some initial checks to verify that the file has some basic information. If the initial checks pass, we then upload the file to our servers for more detailed analysis.

Is it safe to repair my CDR on

Yes, of course it is! Your CDR, once repaired, is deleted 15 minutes after upload, and any download link will expire after this time.

Can I repair my CDR on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS or Mac OS?

Yes! Our CDR repair tool will run on any system with a modern web browser.