About Us

We are a website that specializes in online file conversion. We started out developing 3D graphics conversion tools with the intention of allowing any 3D file format to be converted to any other 3D format via an internal format without any loss in geometry data. We have since added other formats to our collection of tools and have decided to share these for use by anyone.

We support the most popular file types, such as 3D Model/Mesh files, Image files, Video files, and many more, and have an array of powerful conversion servers to process your files.

Our conversion tools have been developed in-house, and we maintain regular updates to them. The tools are fast and efficient, meaning files are converted as quickly as possible, and because our tools are all web-based, you do not have to worry about upgrading to the latest version as you do with App Store-based tools.

If you have a file that we do not currently support, then please feel free to contact us, letting us know the file type you have and what you are trying to convert it to, and we can look into the feasibility of adding it as a conversion path in the future.

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