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Do you have a JPG image file that will not open or display correctly? If so, our free-to-use JPG repair tool may be able to help. Our tool analyses the content of your JPG image file and is able to determine if the file pixel data is valid. Our tool will let you know what is wrong with your JPG file and attempt to fix it.

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Please note: Your JPG, once uploaded to our server, will be deleted 15 minutes after upload.
If our tool offers the option to repair your file, please ensure you download the repaired file within this time period.

How to Repair your JPG Online?

Here are 3 simple steps to repair your JPG using our fast and free repair tool.

Upload your JPG

Click the "Select File" button, then select a JPG file. The maximum file size is 100MB.

Analysis and Repair

Your JPG file will be analysed, and our tool will attempt to repair your JPG file if possible.

Repair or Convert your JPG

Select an option to either repair or convert to receive your repaired JPG file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the resolution and quality of the JPG file be affected?

No. Our JPG repair tool will not adjust the resolution or quality of the repaired image file.

Is it free to use the JPG file repair tool?

Yes! Our JPG repair tool is 100% free to use.

Are there any usage limits when repairing my JPG file?

No, you can repair as many files as you wish. We do not have any limits when using our JPG repair tool.

How long does it take to repair my JPG?

We aim to process JPG repairs as quickly as possible; this usually takes around 5 seconds; however, this may be longer depending on the file size and data needed to be repaired.

What does the JPG repair process involve?

Once your JPG has been selected, it will undergo some initial checks to verify that the file has some basic information. If the initial checks pass, we then upload the file to our servers for more detailed analysis.

Is it safe to repair my JPG on

Yes, of course it is! Your JPG, once repaired, is deleted 15 minutes after upload, and any download link will expire after this time.

Can I repair my JPG on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS or Mac OS?

Yes! Our JPG repair tool will run on any system with a modern web browser.

JPG file format information

Full NameJoint Photographic Experts Group
Mime Typeimage/jpeg
Opens WithPaint.Net, Photoshop

A JPG file is a compressed and highly efficient image file format whose aim is to store photographic-quality images using a fraction of the storage space compared to other lossy and non-lossy image compression methods available at the time.

The compression used by JPG encoders is "lossy", meaning image colours that are not perceptible to the human eye are discarded during the compression process. The removal of this colour data greatly reduces the size of the final JPG file with no discernible loss in quality.

Due to their compact and high-quality format, JPG files are one of the primary image formats used by websites, digital and phone/tablet cameras, and more. This widespread support means JPG files can be edited within most popular image editing software.

Repairing a JPG File

JPG Image File Header Data

The data contained within a JPG image file is binary, and it is the first sequence of bytes within the file that contains the header data for the image, which contains information such as image width, height, colour depth, palette, and other metadata.

Knowing how this header data is formed and what the header data should be for each individual file type allows our tool to not only ensure the file is using the correct file extension but also that all the expected pixel data is present and correct.

Lossy / Non-Lossy Compression

Certain image file formats, such as JPG, store their data in a compressed state whereby pixel detail is not identical to the original image. The loss of detail is usually not noticeable and can save a lot of space, leading to much reduced file sizes. An example of a non-lossy format would be the BMP format, which stores pixel data at exactly the same level of detail as the original image. When it comes to validating and repairing an image file, the fact that the format is lossy or non-lossy does not really affect the repaired file. Any repaired file will be in the same format, and our tool will respect the original compression settings.

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