Rhinoceros 3DM Model File Support Added

Date: June 26, 2022

Today we added support for the 3DM 3D Model format collection of converter tools. The 3DM Converter will take most Rhinoceros 3DM files and convert them into other 3D format files, such as STL.

  • 3D mesh geometry, including vertices, faces, and face normals.
  • Material colors and face colors.
  • Object groups and matrix transforms.

Currently, our 3DM Converter can only convert from the 3DM format; you are not able to create 3DM files at present. However, we will look into this as a future upgrade to the tool.

A 3DM File
A 3DM Gear File

Along with converting to other 3D formats, our converter can convert your 3DM file to static images or animated GIFs using a single rotation animation. Our 3DM converter can convert most 3DM files with ease; however, if you have any problems with your file, please let us know by completing our online contact form.

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