You Can Now Convert 3D Model WRL Files!

Date: January 19, 2022

We have added conversion support for the WRL file format. You can now convert your 3D mesh WRL files using our free online tool. Conversion features that we support are:

  • 3D mesh geometry, including vertices, faces, and face normals.
  • Color-based materials, face colors, and vertex colors.
  • Simple shapes such as spheres, cubes, etc.
  • Object groups and matrix transforms.

Converting your file to a WRL file is easy using our WRL converter tool; simply choose your WRL file and select a compatible 3D format to convert your file to. The supported features above will depend on the format you are converting to. For example, material colors will only be converted if the target format supports them.

A Sinclair C5 WRL File
A Platy Punk WRL File

WRL files are usually uncompressed text-based files; however, there are also some compressed WRL files that commonly use the WRZ file extension. Our tool currently does not support compressed files; however, we are working to implement this functionality in future versions of the tool.

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