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How to Convert your BVH to BLEND Online?

Here are 2 simple steps to convert your BVH to BLEND using our fast and free BVH converter tool.

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File format information for BVH and BLEND

Full NameBounding Volume Hierarchy
Type3D Model
Mime Typeapplication/octet-stream

A BVH (BioVision Hierarchy) file is a widely used file format in computer graphics and animation, specifically in the context of character animation and skeletal motion capture. It serves as a critical tool in the field of 3D modeling and animation. BVH files are designed to store skeletal structure and motion data for 3D characters. They are commonly used in applications like video games, film and television special effects, and computer-aided design to create realistic and dynamic character animations.

One of the key features of BVH files is their hierarchical structure. They define a skeleton as a hierarchy of bones, where each bone can have a specific transformation or motion associated with it. This hierarchy allows for complex character animations, as it captures not only the movements of individual bones but also the relationships between them. BVH files are often created through motion capture techniques where a person's movements are recorded and translated into data that can be stored in this file format.

When a BVH file is used in animation software or game engines, it can be applied to a 3D model to animate it realistically. Animators and developers can fine-tune and adjust the motion data within the BVH file to create lifelike character movements, making it an essential resource in the field of 3D animation and computer graphics.

BVH Converter Capabilities

Our BVH 3D Model/Mesh tool does not support any color material data contained within BVH files so the converted file will not contain any color information.

Full NameBlender
Type3D Model
Mime Typeapplication/octet-stream
Opens WithBlender

A BLEND file is a file format used by Blender, a popular open-source 3D computer graphics software. It serves as the primary container for all the data related to a 3D scene created in Blender. This file format is versatile and supports a wide range of features, including 3D models, textures, materials, animations, lighting setups, and more. When you save your work in Blender, it is typically saved as a BLEND file, preserving the entire scene's information for future editing and rendering.

Within a BLEND file, various data blocks are organized and stored in a hierarchical manner. These data blocks include mesh geometry, object properties, camera settings, and animation keyframes, among others. Blender utilizes a blend of binary and ASCII data to represent these elements, enabling efficient storage and quick access to the vast amount of information that makes up a 3D scene. The format's flexibility allows users to share their projects with others and collaborate on complex 3D projects seamlessly.

Since Blender is a cross-platform software, BLEND files are compatible with different operating systems, ensuring that projects can be easily transferred and worked on across various environments. Additionally, Blender offers the option to compress BLEND files, reducing their size for easier sharing and storage. Overall, the BLEND file format plays a crucial role in facilitating the creation, management, and exchange of 3D content within the Blender community and beyond.

BLEND Converter Capabilities

Our 3D conversion tool does not support color/material information in BLEND files so your file will not contain any color information.

Information for converting from BVH to BLEND

Your BVH file will be converted to a BLEND file using our unified 3D model and mesh conversion tool. Our BVH 3D tool performs accurate conversions of 3D elements such as vertices, faces, normals and relevant material information. Our tool will not attempt to transfer any color information if present in your BVH file, your final 3D model will contain geometry data only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert my BVH file to BLEND?

First click the "Upload..." button, select your BVH file to upload. Your BVH file will be uploaded to our servers. When the BVH to BLEND conversion has completed, you can download your BLEND file straight away.

How long does it take to convert my BVH to BLEND?

We aim to process all BVH to BLEND conversions as quickly as possible, this usually takes around 5 seconds however this can be longer for certain files, so please be patient.

How accurate is the BVH to BLEND conversion?

We aim to provide the best conversion experience. Our tools are under constant review and development with new features being added every week.