FBX 3D Model File Conversions Now Available

Date: October 28, 2022

Our FBX converter is now available to convert your FBX model files to other 3D formats, images, and even MP3 animated movie clips. The converter can also convert to the FBX format, so if you have a model file that you need in the FBX format, our tool can handle it!

  • 3D mesh geometry, including vertices, faces, and face normals.
  • Color materials.
  • Object groups and matrix transforms.
  • Support for reading FBX versions from 6.3 onwards.

Our FBX converter can convert your FBX 3D model file to most other 3D formats. Once you have selected your FBX file, you will be presented with a list of possible files to convert to, which will include other 3D formats, images, videos, and more. Due to the size of some FBX files, please allow some additional time for larger files to upload and be processed.

A Dancing FBX File
A Dancing FBX File

Converting Your FBX to Animated GIF or MP4

Along with converting your FBX file to other 3D formats, you can also convert it to animated formats such as GIF and MP4. When converting to these formats, our tool will render the FBX animation (if there is one present) and save this to the target file format. If your FBX does not contain any animations, our tool will default to a simple rotation animation.

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