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Support for GLB 3D Model Files Added

Date: January 04, 2022

Today we have integrated support for the 3D file format GLB into our 3D model convertor. Our GLB converter can both convert from the GLB file format and convert to GLB.

When converting to the GLB format you may choose one of a number of file formats such as STL, 3MF and OBJ. During the conversion process any material color information will be converted to the final GLB model file.

When converting from GLB files our converter will convert any geometric mesh data found within the GLB file to your target file format whilst also converting where possible any model, mesh or mesh face color settings.

A Soldier GLB File
A Pokemon Go Gym GLB File

GLB files may contain animations, in this instance our tool will use the 1st animation frame when converting to a format that does not support animations. When converting to a format that supports animations the model 3D mesh and animation will be converted where possible.