Repair your XML Online

Do you have a document file, such as a XML file, that will not open correctly? If so, our free-to-use XML repair tool may be able to help. Our tool analyses the content of your XML file and is able to determine if the file structure is valid. Our tool will let you know what is wrong with your XML file and attempt to fix it.

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Please note: Your XML, once uploaded to our server, will be deleted 15 minutes after upload.
If our tool offers the option to repair your file, please ensure you download the repaired file within this time period.

How to Repair your XML Online?

Here are 3 simple steps to repair your XML using our fast and free repair tool.

Upload your XML

Click the "Select File" button, then select a XML file. The maximum file size is 100MB.

Analysis and Repair

Your XML file will be analysed, and our tool will attempt to repair your XML file if possible.

Repair or Convert your XML

Select an option to either repair or convert to receive your repaired XML file.

XML file format information

Full NameExtensible Markup Language
Mime Typeapplication/xml

An XML (Extensible Markup Language) file is a text-based data format used to store and transport structured information between different systems and platforms. It consists of plain text, and its structure is defined by tags enclosed in angle brackets. These tags act as markers to identify elements and define the hierarchical organization of the data. XML files are versatile and widely used for data exchange and storage due to their human-readable format and platform independence.

Each XML file contains a root element that serves as the starting point for the hierarchical structure. Within this root element, other elements can be nested, forming a tree-like representation of the data. Elements can have attributes, which are additional pieces of information that provide more details about the element. The content between the opening and closing tags of an element holds the actual data.

XML is commonly used in various applications, including web development, configuration files, data interchange between different programming languages, and communication between software systems. It allows developers to define custom tags and structures tailored to their specific needs, making it highly adaptable and useful for a wide range of data management tasks.

Repairing a XML File

XML File Header Data

XML files contain a sequence of unique bytes at the beginning of the file. This header section is usually followed by the main XML file section. Where the header block is present, our document repair tool will parse the header data to validate the file type and also provide additional metadata that describes key characteristics of the document uploaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to use the XML file repair tool?

Yes! Our XML repair tool is 100% free to use.

Are there any usage limits when repairing my XML file?

No, you can repair as many files as you wish. We do not have any limits when using our XML repair tool.

How long does it take to repair my XML?

We aim to process XML repairs as quickly as possible; this usually takes around 5 seconds; however, this may be longer depending on the file size and data needed to be repaired.

What does the XML repair process involve?

Once your XML has been selected, it will undergo some initial checks to verify that the file has some basic information. If the initial checks pass, we then upload the file to our servers for more detailed analysis.

Is it safe to repair my XML on

Yes, of course it is! Your XML, once repaired, is deleted 15 minutes after upload, and any download link will expire after this time.

Can I repair my XML on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS or Mac OS?

Yes! Our XML repair tool will run on any system with a modern web browser.